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John began his professional career as a cinematographer for film and television after graduating from the University of Southern California’s School of Cinema-Television. While still enjoying success in cinematography, John discovered computer animation. Self-taught, he quickly learned how to adapt his love of the visual world to that of the digital. By 1992, his work caught the attention of Amblin Entertainment, as they were putting into place what would become Amblin Imaging, Steven Spielberg’s own digital effects facility. John came on as a senior animator for NBC’s seaQuest DSV, producing captivating underwater effects for the weekly series. His imprint was felt in all aspects of production, lighting, cinematography, and character animation.

John’s strong artistic background as well as his knowledge of how to merge motion picture production and computer technology made him an ideal choice as Digital Effects Supervisor for seaQuest, as well as Vice-President/General Manager of Amblin Imaging, a position he held for two years. While at Amblin, John was instrumental in creating the breathtaking visual effects seen in the series premiere of Star Trek: Voyager, for which he won an Emmy for Best Visual Effects. Upon cancellation of seaQuest, John co-founded Santa Monica-based Digital Muse where, under his guidance, the company produced visual effects for a wide range of television clientele including Star Trek: Voyager and Deep Space Nine, X-Files, Sliders and Hercules. In addition, his work can be seen on such notable projects as Titanic: The Mini-series, Avalon – Adventures of the Abyss, G-Saviour (based on the Gundam Japanese Anime series) and many feature films, commercials and ride films.

With an eye toward producing and directing, John began a transition back into live action production in 1999, while continuing to develop his skills as a screenwriter. In addition to helping establish digital animation departments in a number of post-production and entertainment companies, including Hollywood Digital West and Encore Video, John has continued to incorporate his filmmaking skills into the digital world, working as a producer with animation houses such as Vinton Studios (Portland, Oregon) to create long form feature animation divisions. As Managing Producer for Sententia Entertainment, The Computer Café Group’s newest long-form production division, John used his extensive background in both live action and animation production to establish Sententia as a significant player in the long form arena. Sententia’s first production, “Danika” starrring Marisa Tomei was released in 2006, followed by Guillermo del Toro’s “Pan’s Labyrinth”.

John was recently General Manager for Pixomondo Los Angeles, a German-based visual effects company with 14 worldwide divisions. In addition to his management position, John recently supervised visual effects for the Hell Sequence in “Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief” and sequences for “Hunger Games”. He left Pixomondo in December and now runs Silverdraft, a technology company that builds supercomputer technology for the entertainment market. John is also focusing efforts on developing his career as a director. Completing principal photography on a 35mm festival short film, “In & Out”, he is in development on his first feature.

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